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Good wine pairings for Saint-Nectaire

Having spent a few days in the Auvergne recently and eaten more than my fair share of Saint Nectaire cheese with a variety of wines, mostly natural, here’s what I think works best.

Saint Nectaire is a semi-soft cows’ cheese with a buttery consistency and a crumbly grey-ish brown rind. It can have quite a strong flavour - though not as strong as ‘stinky’ French cheeses such as Epoisses. It’s a well-known enough cheese to have its own website though only in French.

The locals would drink it with a red, most likely gamay or a gamay blend though a crisp white or even a sweet wine could work equally well, depending on whether the cheese is mass-produced or made on the farm by an artisan producer. Here are my top picks:

* Gamay from the Loire, Auvergne or Beaujolais - ‘natural’ wines, made with indigenous yeasts, are a good match with stronger flavoured ‘fermier' cheeses

* A red burgundy or other traditionally made pinot noir

* A rustic red like Marcillac or a fruity young syrah from the Rhône

* Chardonnay from the Auvergne (leaner, less creamy than burgundy). I reckon a mature vieilles vignes (old vine) Chablis would also work

* Dry or medium-dry (demi-sec) Chenin Blanc from the Loire e.g. Vouvray or Montlouis or richer South African Chenin Blancs. A sweeter Chenin could be good too, particularly if it was a few years old - i.e. honeyed rather than simply sweet

* Savignin from Switzerland or the Jura

* or try a sparkling Breton or Normandy cider.

Other good suggestions from wine writer Victor de la Serna on Twitter: "Asturias/Galicia reds, young bobal, manzanilla" Not sure about the manzanilla but a dry amontillado would be good, as would a tawny port or a dry madeira.

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Adam Burns on December 14 2022 at 19:19

I recently fell in love with this cheese; enjoyed very much alongside a lovely St. Emilion Grand Cru from Chateau Puy Blanquet (2015). One of those pairings where they seemed to be made for each other.

Dawn Stewart aka @ladydawnie on July 20 2014 at 09:54

Love that cheese, it would have been rude not to have tried it several times. A true maverick to the food and wine industry. As much as I love wine (Italian steal my heart) I like the sound of the cider....mmmmmm scrumptious Sunday afternoon treat.

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